What Is AcuLife?

AcuLife is an incredible new technology designed to provide natural pain relief and improve the overall quality of life for your horse. AcuLife employs the use of LifeWave's exclusive patch technology to gently stimulate pressure points on the skin, improving the body's energy flow for natural relief of aches and pains. No drugs, stimulants, magnets, or needles are used or enter the body.

With horses, it's important to know that bad behavior is not always a mind issue; the majority of the time it is caused by pain. AcuLife patches are especially beneficial for horses that are active in rodeo events, barrel races, or any other equine sport.

Advantages of using AcuLife

  • Safe and natural pain relief
  • Fast results
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Can be used for whole body or localized pain
  • Very affordable on a cost-to-use basis versus other methods of pain management
  • Convenient and easy to use

Winners Use AcuLife

Trevor Brazile wins 10x PRCA All-Round World Champion using AcuLife on his horse

Kaley Bass Wins over $69,000 during the 2012 NFR Finals using AcuLife on her horse. Kaley won the 4th go and finished in the money five out of ten runs.

Bareback rider Steven Peebles wins the 9th go and Gold Buckle using LifeWave patches to alleviate pain in his hip.

AcuLife has helped horses win rodeo and barrel race events everywhere, resulting in large sums of money won!

LifeWave Member, John Chance, on stage with Steven Peebles when he received his Gold Buckle award after winning the 9th round at the 2012 NFR Finals

Trevor Brazile, 17x PRCA World Champion, 10x PRCA All-Around World Champion, 2x Triple Crown winner, endorses and uses ACULIFE patches on all of his horses

Legends RE & Martha Josey endorse and use AcuLife patches on every horse that goes to The Josey Ranch.

"I see the improvement in every horse once the patches are applied. These patches will get you to the pay window more often."

Joe Beaver, 8-Time World Champion, 13x WNFR Qualifier and WNFR television broadcast announcer, uses and endorses AcuLife patches for horses

"I have seen amazing results from these patches in and out of the arena, and they REALLY work!"

8x World Champion, Roy Cooper, endorses and uses AcuLife patches on all of his horses

"I like having a drug-free tool in my tool box to keep my horses and clients' horses pain-free and running their best. ACULIFE is easy to use and WORKS FAST!"

DVM & DR Approved

DVM Lauren DeRock
DVM Kirk & Courtney Shumpert
Dr. Sabrina Williams & Dean Clark, DC

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Warnings: Remove immediately if you feel that the horse is experiencing discomfort. Do not reuse patches once removed from the skin. For external use only. Do not use on open wounds or damaged skin. Do not use if you suspect the horse may be pregnant. Consult a veterinarian if you suspect the horse has a health condition. Keep this product out of the reach of children.