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About Rob & Barbara: We are two spritely, energetic nearing 80-year-olds. Introduced to the patches some 15 years ago, we approached them in quite a sceptical manner but quickly realised the technology was not only proven but also amazingly effective. It did not take long to find how they could quickly and safely ease so many issues we all suffer with from time to time. In retirement, with careers totally remote from health-related activities, we could not have imagined where this would lead us in the coming years. We now travel extensively spreading the word of these amazing *future of medicine* phototherapy biomodulation patches. No drugs, no supplements, nothing induced or ingested, just assisting the power of the body to heal itself. These patches have provided a blessing for us with the ability to help thousands of others gain a wonderful quality of life they would often not have achieved. Acquaint yourself with this technology and give it a go….. Yours in health, Rob and Barbara